Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Activity Wise

The Race
Well I ran the '10k' back on March 15. The race went well running wise. I started in the middle of the pack. I got passed a bit in the first 1/2 mile or so. After that I started passing people. It got to a point where I had to leave the street and run on the sidewalk to pass a big gaggle of runners. Of course a couple hundred feet after that all those people I was passing hung a right with the 5k course. Only one person was behind me once us 10ker's were alone. The course was hilly, but no more than what I expected. I turned the last corner and was surprised to see 1:05 on the clock. There was no chip timing in the race so I consider my watch as official time, it read 1:05:44. The first hint of trouble came after the race when I checked the offcial times. It had me at 56:something, so that's 9 minutes too fast by all accounts. They also had the winner of the race at a 4:00 min/mile pace, so my guess is they foobared everybody's time by some factor. Then Monday came and I was back at work so I got into my runningahead.com account to log the 10k. Once I mapped out the course I found out why I was able to run it so fast, it's only 5.84 miles long. Immediately I felt cheated. I've been back and forth on what even to write here. What I've come up with is I take running a bit too seriously. I had fun at the race and though the course was not a 10k it was the right balance of fun and challenging. I won't be counting this race as a PR though, otherwise it might be a record that takes me a year to break.

Things have been going well, I haven't missed a run since I was sick in February. March 18 I had an out of this world 3 miler, 30:56. A good couple minutes faster than anything I've ever done previously. Also that day I absolutely crushed my mile record with a 10:08. This past weekend I ran another 10.05 miler, this time the route was on my road heading mostly in the opposite direction. That too went very well besting my old time by more than 10 minutes, 1:55:46.

What's To Come
My plan is to run another 10 miler this coming weekend. Then the next weekend is another 10k, the Metor 10k (USATF Certified). Then the following two weekends should be two more 10 milers or better. Then the weekend after that is another race, but I'm not sure if I'll run the 5k or the 10k there, as it is a small one. Of course there are a lot more 3 mile training runs too.


Jeff said...

I think we all learn this the hard way -- if it doesn't say "certified", it isn't. So, you had a PR for a 5.84 mile race, not a 10k. You still earned the t-shirt, and enjoyed the run, right?

You didn't even mention that you broke 100 pounds lost. A huge milestone.

It's great to see how far you've come, Emil.

Anonymous said...

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