Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Running In The Bay Of Walking Waves


I ran long today. I wasn't sure with the race being yesterday what I would be up for. I've read that you should take as many days off after a race as there are miles in said race. I know it's stupid to think that rules of running don't pertain to me, but I think my reasoning has merit. The only speeds I have in my repertoire are slower and slowest. I agree if I was really pushing myself beyond what I normally do in a training run, then I probably should take some days to recover. If you look at my pace it was 14:14, which is fast for me, but only by about 30 seconds. Anyway I waited till this morning to evaluate how I felt. I felt good. So I figured I'd do the same long run that I did last week. Also this afforded me the opportunity to cover almost the same amount of mileage in a three day span that I would have if I hadn't done the race yesterday. I wore my compression shirt to protect my still sensitive nipples. They don't hurt unless touched anymore, but I didn't want to risk anything since I'd be out for over an hour. The weather was absolutely beautiful. You just don't get any better fall days than 50 F, full sun, no wind. It was cold enough for gloves but I didn't need ear protection. This was also the first time I did a long run without my mp3 player. Things started out a little rocky, I was wearing my compression shorts and another pair of workout shorts over top, for decorums sake. The workout shorts though were doing their best to subvert their decorum related task. I ended doing a 30 second stop about .2 of a mile in to tie a tighter knot in them so they would stop sliding down my compressioned hiney. About a third of the way in I really just wanted to walk. I pushed through the urge but it came back a few more times. I'm not sure if it was a consequence of trying to do too much what with the race yesterday, or if it was a lack of musical distraction. I never did end up walking but that last mile was one of the toughest things mentally that I've done in a long time. I know that it won't hurt me to walk, it's just such a mental hurdle that I feel like I need to clear for now. When I actually do walk I don't feel better, it doesn't give me the relief that my body is looking for. It just makes it tougher to continue running. I find that if I can weather the storm of walking waves I come out stronger on the other side, but with the knowledge that another wave is coming and it'll be bigger. I finished running all 4.31 miles in 1:04:23 a good two minutes faster than last week.

I weighed 320 lbs this morning. That is a loss of .6 lbs this week, bringing my total weight loss to 47 lbs. It's not a gain so I'm happy. I tried on a couple old t-shirts yesterday. They weren't even close to fitting couple months ago. They are close now though, probably two or three weeks away from comfortable. Later on in the evening I did my weights routine, nothing eventful happened.


If you don't know about Fat to 5k then you can check that out. I'm still fat, but I'm not fresh off the couch anymore. I'm a runner. I have been for a little while now. You probably know that though.