Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Record Smashing

I went on a bit of a record breaking binge this weekend. Friday night I was able to ride farther than I've ever been able to in 30 minutes on the indoor bike, 9.442 miles. Then Saturday I ran my fastest 3 miles ever, which happened to be on the road by my house, in 33:36. Also that day I broke my mile record with the middle mile clocking in at 11:22. Then finally Sunday I knocked out a 10 miles in town, my first time at that distance and faster than when I ran 9, totaling 2:06:42.

I did run into a little problem on Saturday (pun intended). Somewhere in that middle mile I felt what was either a pinched nerve on my heel or a rock in my shoe. I didn't want to stop because I knew I was breaking my mile record. It stopped hurting after a half a mile or so. When I finished I took a look at my heel and it was bloody. Turns out if you run with a rock stuck in your shoe it can break the skin. The next day it was scabbed over pretty good. It only hurt for the first half mile or so of my 10 miler, but when I was done of course there was another bloody mess. My plan for this week is to keep Vaseline and band-aids on it during the day when I'm in shoes and socks. Hopefully by Saturday's 10k it will be healed up enough not to bother me at all.

I weighed 268.2 lbs Monday morning. That is a loss of 6 lbs this week, bringing my total weight loss to 98.8 lbs. Glad to be back to losses, if the pattern holds I should lose this week and then gain the week after.


Dan Seifring said...

Awesome numbers all around.

Sean said...

Way to go! Interesting that your "fastest mile" whole run pace was 11:12. I'd say you ran something faster than 11:22 somewhere in there. :)

Jeff said...

Great weekend, Emil. Great results on the scale, too. Just all around great.

Can't wait to read about the 10k. You'll do great (of course!)

Pokey said...

Awesome job as usual!

Cant wait to hear about your 10k!!!

Steve getting fit said...

Way to go with the weight loss. Found your blog and have really enjoyed reading your comments. You help to keep me on track.