Friday, March 28, 2008


The weight is coming off, as of this past Monday I am down 106.8 lbs. It feels good to be smaller. I'm learning to deal with how my body wants to shed the weight. I don't seem to lose in a contiguous fashion, but overall it is continuous. At least I feel like it is helping me run faster.

I had a doctor's appointment last week. He was happy to see I've stuck with the whole healthy lifestyle thing. My blood pressure was down to 120/80. My pulse was incredibly low at 44. In fact he wanted to keep my BP meds at the same dose, but after such a low pulse he decided to cut my dose in half (My BP meds lower pulse, as does running). So that is good, my hope is that someday I won't need to take BP meds, but high blood pressure runs on both sides of my family tree so I know it may be an inevitability.

Monday I dug out my rubbermaid container of shirts that don't fit and went through it. I found that only one shirt still doesn't fit. I got rid of a lot of my clothes from when I was at my previous thinest, so these were mostly 2X items that I had grown out of. I also went through my shirt drawer and put all the shirts that were too big in a bag for Goodwill. The pants front is getting a little silly. I have 3 pair of size 46 jeans that feel very large on me. I also have 1 pair of size 40 jeans that would be worthless without a belt. I need to pick up a pair of size 38's or maybe even 36's.

I've been watching a TV show on TLC the last couple weeks called 'I Can Make You Thin'. The main thing I'm taking from it is the strategies in recognizing when you are full. Even though I eat better and less than when I started, I still have room for improvement. If you are struggling with weight it's definitely a program to check out. It's not a quick fix, or maximize the loss type of thing, but it is solid steady approach if you are lost.

P.S. Last Night
I got a chance to help a friend out and give a good reference interview to a possible future employer for him. I got the call right as I was about to walk out the door to run. Afterward I must have been all jacked up on adrenaline cause I went out and killed the course. Early on it felt like I was going faster and I got confirmation at the 1.1 mile mark with a 10:53. I did the math in my head and came up that was a pace under 10 min/mi. I was tired but knowing that I was running faster than I previously thought possible motivated me to push as much as I thought I could take given the distance left. I set a new mile PR on the middle mile with 9:37. With only .9 left to go I felt like I let up a little bit, ironically enough though I didn't, 8:31. My total time on 3 miles was a shocking 29:01. Last week when I ran a 30:56 I thought that maybe that was an aberration, now I see it obviously wasn't. Afterward I was pretty spent, but not hurting. I'm going to keep running 3 miles as my easy 3 time a week run until I break 30 minutes again, after that I'll up it to 3.5 miles.


Dan Seifring said...

You are kicking ass. What a great inspiration.

Sarah said...

I measured my own resting heart rate at 44 bpm last week, too. When I told my husband he asked me if I was dead and just covering it really well. My heart rate has never been that low in my entire life. Here's to improved cardiovascular fitness!

Jeff said...

Holy crap that's fast!