Monday, October 6, 2008

All blood present and accounted for

I was pretty disappointed about missing the Lansing half marathon. I ended up choosing the Grand Rapids half marathon on Oct. 19 as my make up. It wasn't the only factor, but having the race director comment on my last entry was a big nudge.

Running has gotten back to normal since the surgery. I ended up taking 5 days off. It appears to have been enough as I am not experiencing any negative consequences from running. With planning this new race I figured I only had time for one more long run and it was last weekend. So this past Saturday I knocked out a solid 12.18 miles, 2:08:32. Not my fastest at this distance but it was more about completing without taking any damage, so mission accomplished. The plan is to run my short runs during the week and one long run next weekend of 6 or 7 miles. Also I'm back on the bike as of Sunday and that appears to be in order, so there will be plenty of miles to log there too.

I appreciate the well wishes. If, when and where to comment back still stymies me in such a way that I may look arrogant/ignorant, so thanks to everyone.


Jeff said...

That's great that you weren't sidelined too long. You have come so far, Emil. You're gonna kick some butt in a couple of weeks.

Kat said...

Hey - I stumbled upon your blog and noticed you signed up for the GR marathon. Are you from West MI?

Just being nosy : )
Good luck on your run - I hope the weather is good for you!!

Pat said...

Good luck this weekend. You've made incredible improvements in your running. You'll have a great time, I know you will.