Tuesday, November 20, 2007

The Very Last Good Thing... For A Time


Since the last few runs have been getting done in less time I figured that today was a good time to increase the mileage of my regular runs to 3 miles. The weather was nice, cold, but nice. I'm beginning to dislike the dirt road portion of my run. This fall it has been pockmarked with uneveness and is often a giant bog, not fun. Today it wasn't bad, but I'm seriously thinking about figuring out what the equal distance would be if I just stayed on my road the whole time. Getting back to the driveway took 16:04. At the time I didn't know it was exactly 1.22 miles, but I knew it was over a mile so I figured it was a reasonable time. The next .8 miles went away in 10:06, which I knew was faster than usual. I also knew that with a total time of about 26 minutes I had a chance to run the last mile and finish in under 39 minutes. I kicked up the effort a notch or two and it did the trick. I actually ran the last mile in 12:02 a new PR for me. The total time was 38:12, ridiculously respectable. Way later in the day I picked up a cheapo aeroline cold weather long sleeve compression shirt at Dunhams. Tomorrows long run should make an excellent test for it. My left foot is still attached, walking bothers it more than running.