Friday, November 2, 2007

Copy Cat

Another day, another 2.5 mile run. The weather was very cooperative, 41 F, full sun, no wind. I decided it was warm enough for no gloves when I got home. Right before I left I took some chicken out of the freezer to defrost. About a tenth of a mile in to my run my hands were ice blocks. Apparently handling frozen meat and then going outside in 41 F weather does not give them much opportunity to be anything but frozen meat. They stayed that way for a good twenty minutes. By then they either warmed up, or I didn't care, it's tough to remember. I was back to my driveway in a completely average time, 11:41. I hit the last mile mark in more average fashion, 11:39. The last mile went really smooth and was done in 13:56. I thought I had screwed my watch up when I got done because the total time was exactly the same as yesterday, 37:16. Sure enough though there was yesterdays workout and here was todays and the times were the same.


Liligurl said...

Best of luck on the Turkey Trot, Have a great safe race!!!